Tours in Budapest

Why is Budapest a good choice? Besides being a fairly large city full of life, it also has its hidden spots, historical buildings and vibrant cultural and nightlife. Even though I have been living almost my whole life in Budapest, I still can't say I know each and every corner of it. One of the reasons for it is that the city is developing really very quickly. During the last couple of years several new concert halls, stadiums and parks were constructed and many historically important buildings were completely renovated. By now Budapest has 3 Michelin star restaurants any many popular gastronomic events are held all year round.

Budapest private sightseeing tours

Complete Budapest walking tour                              8 hours

- enter into more places


Once you are in Budapest you shouldn't miss the city's biggest church, St. Stephen's Basilica, constructed during more than 50 years. Discover the wonderful City Park after a nice walk along Andrássy Avenue. Learn about the complicated H ungarian history and visualize it on Heroes' square. We can also take a look at the Central Market Hall where, among others, Margaret Thatcher, Lady D and the Habsburg emperor Franz Joseph shopped. I definitely want to take you to the Castle District, being one of the highlights of our gorgeous city, where we visit Matthias Church and the UNESCO World Heritage Fishermen's Bastion.

Budapest private sightseeing tours

Budapest half day walking tour                                4 hours

- essential


Discover the most important sights of Budapest. During the 4 hour tour we see the St. Stephen's Basilica, walk along the Andrássy Avenue, enter the hall of the Opera House and check out Spielberg's favorite Coffee. Passing by the House of Terror-a really interesting but sad museum- we arrive to Heroes' Square. We will head back to the center using the 1st underground of continental Europe. After crossing the River Danube, the breathtaking panorama of the House of Parliament greets us. We climb up to the Fishermen's Bastion or take Europe's 2nd Funicular and walk around the Castle District and the 700 year-old Matthias Church .

Budapest private sightseeing tours

Don't miss anything from Budapest!                        8 hours

- full day car tour                 


Citadel is the place from where you can take the most wonderful panoramic pictures of the entire city. No doubt why the Habsburgs constructed their "control-point-fortress" on the top of this hill.


Walk around the Statue of Liberty, one of the few symbols remained from the so-called "communist" era. Discover the Castle district and enter into Matthias Church (on Sundays only after 1 PM), my personal favorite Roman Catholic church ever. Let's have a ride along the Andrássy Avenue where the continent's first underground line is still operating underneath. Arriving to Heroes' Square, I can show you the most important personalities of the Hungarian history.

Check out the Vajdahunyad Castle (also known as Dracula's Castle) and learn why the hippos are so happy in the Budapest Zoo. On the way back to downtown Pest, we stop by the Opera House and take a tour in St. Stephan's Basilica. Have you heard about Europe's biggest Synagogue? It's right here in the Jewish district of Budapest. If you feel like making a mixed tour, in the first 4 hours we can visit the places difficult to approach on foot, then make a 4 hour walking tour to places downtown.

Budapest private sightseeing tours

Budapest by car                                                           4 hours

-comfort and commodity         


Do you prefer to have your personal driver to take you to every sight? This is the perfect tour for you if you are only planning to spend half a day with sightseeing. We drive along Andrássy Avenue to check out our national heroes on Heroes' Square, constructed for the Hungarian Millenium (1896). Entering into the St. Stephen's Basilica you will be shocked by its beauty. We will drive up to Castle District and have a look at the medieval coronation church (Matthias Church). The view of the Parliament is really nice from Fishermen's Bastion. Europe's largest Synagogue can be found close to Elizabeth Square, where 3 of the 4 underground lines of Budapest meet.

Budapest private sightseeing tours

Budapest from (almost) bird's eye view 6 hours



Escape from the noisy city center for a couple of hours and try some extraordinary ways of public transportation. Admire a 360° angle view of the city and the surrounding villages from the Sissi look-out tower. Make a small trip in the forests of Buda, until you approach one of Budapest's best Strudel places and come all the way back to the city with the chair-lift. Doesn't it sound exciting?

Budapest private sightseeing tours

Movie tour- not only for funs!!!                                          TBD


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