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My goal is to reach that my guests love my homeland and Budapest as much as I do. Budapest offers a huge variety of possibilities to its visitors. My intention is to present you at least a part of them. Please let me know if you wish to modify, combine, add to or take away from the trips I offer. You have a wide range of possibilities to have your stay organized according to your individual ideas.


In my private life I attend many concerts, cultural events and festivals. Gastronomy, wines, castles, country life, nature, handicraft, religions are also in my focus when guiding. 

Budapest private sightseeing tours
Tours in Budapest

Why is Budapest a good choice? Besides being a fairly large city full of life, it also has its hidden spots, historical buildings and vibrant cultural and nightlife.  Even though I have been living almost my whole life in Budapest, I still can't say I know each and every corner of it...read more



Hungary private sightseeing tours
Do you have more time to spend in Hungary?
Check out the list of my tour offers from the wonderful Hungarian countryside ...read more
Budapest private sightseeing tours
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