Countryside tours

Travel a bit more, discover the culture of the villages, wine regions, visit old or renovated castles. It is worth looking around the countryside: though the majority of the travelers think that Hungary is all about Budapest, the truth is there is much more behind. Breathtaking landscapes and hidden paradises are waiting for you if you decide to travel around a bit. Should you prefer a travel back in time, see the biggest Roman Catholic church or enjoy beautiful wine regions offering high quality wines. You can find everything within the borders of this tiny country, Hungary. Come and see a bit more, escape from the big city's life for a day!

Hungary private sightseeing tours

Esztergom with Eszter :) - Danube Bend tour         9 hours


Explore Hungary's biggest Roman Catholic church in the first capital city of the country, Esztergom. Take wonderful photos of the most significant basilica from the Slovakian side of the River Danube. After a historical time travelling I will show you a panorama terrace from where the view of the Danube Bend is just breathtaking. Staying in the medieval times, we will have a delicious and authentic lunch in a true Knights' restaurant in one of the oldest cities of Hungary, Visegrád. The last stop of our tour is going to be the wonderful tiny city of Szentendre which has been the home of many generations of Hungarian artists since the early 20th century. We can visit some of the unique museums of the town, such as the Szabó Marzipan Museum, or the famous Hungarian ceramist's, Kovács Margit Museum.

Hungary private sightseeing tours

Wonderful art village, the home of handcrafts        4 hours

- Szentendre



Only a short drive away from the big city, there is a village-looking town, home of many artists and a small Serbian community. I recommend to take a look at one of the Serbian Orthodox churches, since it has a completely different atmosphere. From among the numerous museums I suggest visiting the well know Kovács Margit Pottery Museum and Szabó Marzipan Museum. The Micro Miracles exhibition is a unique experience of art. Let's try a typical Hungarian street food the "langosh" in a hidden place. :)

Hungary private sightseeing tours

Tour to Central Europe’s biggest lake: Balaton      9 hours


During the tour we will visit one of Hungary's most famous porcelain factories in the city of Herend where you will have the chance to see how the beautiful plates, tea and coffee sets are being produced. The breathtaking panorama appears from far on the way when arriving from North to the lake Balaton. We travel back in time to the 11th century, when the Tihany Abbey, a Benedictine monastery was established. Lavender fields and two small inner lakes make the panorama exquisite. On the way home, we will stop by the lake in Balatonfüred and walk along the shore of the resort town.

Hungary private sightseeing tours

A day trip to Eger                                                       10 hours

- a baroque city with wonderful wine tasting  


Have you ever heard about a non-electric web camera? It already existed in the 18th century!! Let's check it out together by visiting the Lyceum of Eger. Walking along the Kossuth Lajos street we will enter the "most baroque" church I have seen in my life. Probably one of the most amazing wrought-iron gates can be found in a hidden courtyard of the former prison, the same place where a church was turned into a Sports Museum. Eger is a town famous for its Turkish minaret built in the 16th century and also for the Castle mentioned in Géza Gárdonyi’s famous novel (The Stars of Eger). Are you a wine lover? Eger is the right place for you, it is one of the best wine regions of Hungary. Egri csillag (Star of Eger) and Bikavér (Bull's Blood) are the two famous types, try both of them!

Hungary private sightseeing tours

Sissi’s Palace and the famous “puszta” program 6 hours

- Gödöllő


Queen Elisabeth, wife of the Habsburg emperor, Franz Joseph was the most beautiful queen in the history of Europe. No doubt, she was gorgeous and generous as well. She adored Hungary and the people here, so she spent a lot of time in the country. Her favorite summer residence used to be in Gödöllő, the wonderful baroque palace, connected to Vienna by direct train line. Check out her home that was recolored to its original version. Would you like to see how life was on the countryside of Hungary? There is no better place than the Lázár Equestrian Park. It is owned by the coach driving world champions, Vilmos and Zoltán Lázár. The resort nestles among the picturesque lakes of the Gödöllő Hills.

Hungary private sightseeing tours

Sissi’s Palace in Gödöllő                                            4 hours


Check out Queen Elisabeth's favorite summer residence in Gödöllő. The palace was used as a summer retreat for Governor Miklós Horthy and during World War 2 most furnishings were carried away or destroyed by the German and Russian troops. After being used as a house for elder people, the building was renovated and turned back into its original shape in 1985. The baroque palace had direct train line connection with Vienna and the former royal waiting room can still be visited in Gödöllő.